Selecting the Right CrossFit Facility

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February 27, 2018
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February 27, 2018

Selecting the Right CrossFit Facility

You may be brand new to CrossFit checking it out for the first time or you may be a CrossFit Jacksonville veteran looking for a new gym. Whichever category you are in, it is important that when choosing a fitness facility, you evaluate some key factors. Below is a list of what many CrossFitters find important and how we feel that CrossFit 904 stands out from other area facilities. We recognize that each CrossFit Jacksonville location can vary tremendously from one another and although we strive to be the best, we acknowledge that we aren’t the best fit for everyone. We encourage new athletes to evaluate multiple gyms to ensure they find the one they feel comfortable in and can help them reach their goals.


CrossFit, just like any other fitness program, requires you to SHOW UP! It is important to pick a location that is convenient to you. Check for locations not only near your home and work, but also along your commute. CrossFit 904 is conveniently located in the Southside of Jacksonville with quick access to US 1, I-295, and I-95. Keep in mind that location is just one factor and it may be worth it to drive a little out of the way for a superior facility. To see a map and directions, click here.


Also important in the convenience factor is the facility’s class schedule. Unlike a traditional gym, you will receive professional coaching and programming every time you come to the gym, which requires you to come at a scheduled class time. See if the facility has a variety of class times that fit your personal schedule. At CrossFit 904, we offer a variety of class times and are always open to adding class times if there is interest.To see our current class schedule, click here.


You will find that CrossFit Jacksonville gyms vary greatly from traditional mega gyms. You won’t find rows of cardio equipment and weight machines that perform only a few isolated actions. Instead you will find free weights, barbells, kettlebells, pull- up bars, jump ropes, plyometric boxes, medicine balls, rowers, etc. It is important that there is plenty of equipment for the number of members in each class. The layout and appearance of the gym should be neat, organized, inviting, and shouldn’t feel cramped. Cramped spaces can present safety hazards if the class is overcrowded. CrossFit 904 prides itself on our low student to coach ratio and the cleanliness of our 5,000 square-foot facility.


Most gyms do not follow the exact programming on Some gyms have a strength bias in their programming and some have a metabolic conditioning or endurance bias in their workouts. Some may predominantly program short workouts and some predominantly long workouts. At CrossFit 904, we attract a variety of members from strength to endurance-focused athletes, which is why we try to focus on varying our programming as much as possible. We strive to incorporate all aspects on a weekly basis and constantly vary the type of conditioning as well as the length of the workouts. Our goal is to always keep our members and their bodies guessing and keep our workout results from plateauing and boredom from setting in. To see the recent workouts of the day, click here.


The thing that we feel sets apart the regular CrossFits from the premiere CrossFits is the coaching staff. The ugly truth is that in theory someone could take a weekend course, pass a test, and be able to call themselves a trainer. At CrossFit 904, we require that all of our coaches go through a structured Intern Training Program and have been a member of our facility prior to coaching at CrossFit 904. Our owner takes great pride in focusing on form and injury prevention and has chosen coaches that can demonstrate a great understanding of making corrections to form, and can modify workouts appropriately for members that are just beginning or those rehabilitating from injuries. For bios on our coaches, click here.


If you are new to CrossFit Jacksonville, this part of the gym may be very different to you. CrossFit workouts are designed to get you to push yourself with others and tend to develop camaraderie among members. CrossFit Jacksonville is not the place where you push your ear buds in and walk by nameless people every day. This is a place where you will get to know the other members and coaches as they help new members learn technique, cheer you on when you are struggling to finish, or celebrate with you when you’re setting a personal record. At CrossFit 904, we encourage these relationships as they help keep you accountable and motivated. We also have several social events throughout the year for the whole gym to get together and promote our CrossFit 904 community. To see our Facebook Page, click here.


Do you need to bring your children to the gym? This may be a big determining factor for you. Some gyms offer child care, some have a kids room, some just let your kids come in, and some don’t allow kids at all. At CrossFit 904, we do not provide child care at this time, but we do have a kid’s room that your children can play in while you work out. Please keep in mind this room is provided so the kids have a safe place to play and do not run out on the gym floor, which can be dangerous during a workout, and you are still responsible for the supervision of your child.


There are several factors that can affect the cost of a CrossFit membership, including the location and size of the facility, the amount of classes and types of classes offered, the amount and quality of the gym equipment, and the experience and accessibility to the coaching staff. We acknowledge that we are not the least expensive facility in the area, but we feel once you compare our facility to others you will understand why we charge the rate we do and the value you receive for your investment. For more information on our membership information, click here.


After weighing out all of these factors there is one big question you should ask yourself. Where do you feel the most comfortable? Where do you feel like you fit in the most? Next to home and work, if utilized properly the gym should be the next place you see the most!


If you have further questions about CrossFit 904 we are here to answer them for you. Just give us a call at (904) 866-0558, email us, or better yet stop in, try a class, and talk to our owner, coaches, and members. Everyone will be happy to help answer any of your questions! For our contact information, click here.